Day 4

This morning was my first time giving the weekly English class and leading the Baseball English activity for the whole school. All the grades gathered in the audio-visual classroom and the class started with a 台语 segment, in which one grade performed skits and told jokes. Everyone was laughing, but I couldn’t understand a thing!


Taiwanese skit

Next, it was my turn to teach the weekly English phrase: “It is your turn now.”


Weekly English class

I then started acting out some of the baseball terms and telling the kids it was their turn to do the movements afterward. We sang the baseball song and my first big class was over!


Demonstrating baseball terms

I continued joining the sixth graders until Bambi, another EP who is from Thailand, arrived. We had lunch with the sixth graders, who were quite curious about Thailand!


Lunch with Bambi and sixth grade

On Wednesdays, the afternoon is dedicated to various activities, such as art, ukulele, unicycle, and calligraphy lessons. First, we went to art, where the kids were drawing with pastel on colored sandpaper. I tried to draw Nick’s tiger plushy and he seemed to like it, even though it was an awful drawing!

Next, we went to ukulele. It took a while for me to figure out where to put my fingers, especially since the instrument is so small compared to piano and carillon, and it was my first non-keyboard instrument. But, I persevered and can now play a simple progression in C!



Calligraphy was fun because I could barely write Chinese normally, let alone with a calligraphy brush and ink, and Bambi can’t speak Chinese at all. I tried writing something and the teacher immediately saw that I had never held a calligraphy brush before, and then taught us Chinese and Arabic numbers. It really is an art form!

On our way to unicycle-riding, we were pulled into the library, where a professor was introducing some English teaching techniques. When we entered, it was almost like going into a children’s class, because both tables of teachers fought for us to sit with them–they were playing Scrabble and wanted to win against the other team! We played many fun and simple games and got some great ideas for making English fun. We were just as competitive as kids!

For dinner, Luna took us out for beef noodle soup. I can see (and taste) why it’s so famous!


Beef noodle soup

Afterwards, Bambi and our host family, the family of the sixth-grade teacher, came over. We went to the public library and talked about our countries and experiences so far. I’ve been learning just as much as I’ve been teaching!


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